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Condo canines, cats in flats and more
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A community for those dog (and other pet) lovers insane dedicated enough to have dogs in apartments, and the special challenges that come with living with animals in small spaces with no yards and neighbours above, below and on both sides of us.

Yes, it CAN be done.

No, it's not ideal, but we don't believe it's cruel or impossible either.

Yes, it's more work than having your own yard but they're worth it.

Your community maintainers are lizblackdog, living in a first-floor one-bedroom apartment with a Border Collie, a German Shorthaired Pointer and way too many cats, cottonmanifesto with two American Pit Bull Terriers, a cat, guinea pigs and a husband and bulletslc with a beautiful Lab mix and several glorious cats.

We are living proof, with our high-drive high-maintenance breeds, that it's not impossible.